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St. Joseph’s Primary School & Nursery Class 5 Park Lane Blantyre Glasgow G72 9AS
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9.15 am - 3.15pm

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Senior Leadership Team  
Head Teacher Mrs J Ross 
Depute Head Teacher Miss CL Mullen   
Principal Teacher Mrs L King
Nursery Staff  
Nursery Teacher Mrs C Keenan / Mrs E MacKenzie                        
Early Years Team Leader Mrs K Chisholm / Mrs A Friel
Early Years Worker Miss L Boyd / Miss J Tant
Early Years Worker Ms T Magee / Mrs G O'Hare
Early Years Worker Ms A Smith /
School Support Team  
Office Manager/Team Leader Mrs B Clements
School Support Assistant Mrs V Carty
School Support Assistant Mrs T Maxwell
School Support Assistant Mrs N Hendry
School Support Assistant Mrs R McCLean
School Support Assistant Mrs D Simpson
Janitorial & Cleaning Services    
Janitor Mr P McGuire
Cleaning Supervisor Mrs J Bush
Cleaning Staff Mrs C McMillan
Cleaning Staff Mrs P Crookston
Cleaning Staff Mrs J Watt
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Registration Information

Parents may enrol their child after his/her second birthday. Application forms are available from the nursery office. Appointments are on a Wednesday and Friday only from 10am and 2pm. Please contact the Nursery to arrange an appointment with the Team Leaders.

When your child has been allocated a place in the nursery, you will be invited to our welcome meeting. At the time you will be given information about the nursery, a starting date and time to complete the appropriate enrolment forms.

Nursery Clothing

We suggest that your child wears suitable clothing and gym-shoes in the nursery.  Children have access to paint, sand, water and glue etc, so clothes such as jogging bottoms and t shirts may be more practical.  Please also make sure that your child has suitable outdoor clothing as outdoor play is part of our nursery curriculum and daily routine.

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