Welcome from the Head Teacher
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Welcome from the Head Teacher
Head Boy / Girl

St. Joseph’s Primary School offers pupils leadership opportunities and experiences through the successful achievement of the roles and responsibilities of Head Boy and Head Girl. The Head Boy and Head Girl represent the school at a wide range of events within the school and wider community of South Lanarkshire Council. Primary 7 pupils are elected to these ambassador roles, in September of each new academic session, following a process of application, interview, presentation and whole school election. Pupils are selected for their: skills, abilities, competences, endeavour, exemplary contribution to the life and work of the school and strong commitment to Catholic faith values.

Pupil Council

St. Joseph’s Primary School Pupil Council fosters citizenship and effective communication between pupils of all age groups. It promotes pupil voice through providing a discussion forum for representatives of each class to evaluate the practices of the school, present ideas for school improvement and suggest solution focused approaches to the development of key initiatives. Class representatives are elected, in September of each school session by their class, for their ability to act as positive confident role models and effective contributors. Successfully elected Pupil Council Representatives attend regular meetings to consider planned themes and cascade information to their peers through class feedback sessions, whole school assemblies and pupil displays.

House System
St. Joseph’s Primary School House System was launched in academic session 2016-2017. The Pupil Council contributed to the allocation of House colours. The Parent Council selected the ‘Blantyre Mines’ theme for House names to ensure the representation of the historical context of the school within the Blantyre local community.
Dixons Red House
Auchentibber   Green House
Craighead Yellow House
Priestfield     Blue House            

Pupils are provided with the opportunity to apply for posts as House Captains (P7), Vice House Captains (P6), Junior House Captains (P4), House Administrator (P7) and House Secretary (P7) in September of each school year and are elected following a process of application, presentation and pupil votes. House Captains are elected for their ability to: be good role models to other pupils, show confidence in decision making, effectively organise events, promote citizenship, support teamwork, encourage sportsmanship and friendly competition and present enterprizing and creative ideas.  

Please visit the
House System page for further details.

Junior Road Saftey Officers (JRSO)

St. Joseph’s Primary School is fully committed to promoting ‘Road Safety’ to support our pupils gain awareness and practical skills in travelling safely within their community and wider world. Our P6 Junior Road Safety Officers communicate key safety messages to all pupils through organising competitions, presenting information in pupil led assemblies and modelling the use of reflective and fluorescent safety clothing.

For more information and learning facilities on Road Safety search -  http://www.jrso.com/

Play Leader Ambassadors

St. Joseph’s Primary school fully embraces opportunities to promote quality outdoor play experiences using a wide variety of facilities and play resources. Pupils have opportunities to: play sports in the Muga Pitch, explore insects and plant life in the Mud Kitchen, build dens in the school gardens, read in the picnic garden, create drama performances in the gazebo, develop balance skills in the Trim Trail, enhance communication skills in their use of toys and use their imagination in the sharing of outdoor games. A team of Primary 7 play leaders, led by Play Leading Ambassadors, support Primary 1 and 2 pupils to form friendships, use outdoor equipment safely and enable them to participate effectively in group activities.

Stars of the Week
Stars of the Week ( August 17th  -  August 21st 2020)

Room 1          Harry R
Room 2          Aurla F
Room 3          Jaxon M
Room 4          Isla M
Room 5          Sian A
Room 6          Ariannah S
Room 7          Natalia P
Room 8          Maia McK
Room 9          Miley C
Room 10        Abbie L