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During the course of school session 2017-2018, we aim to pilot, in stages, four new systems of  e-communication to enable us to provide pupils, parents and carers with e- sources of school communication. Participation and access to the use of St. Joseph’s Primary School e-communication tools is subject to specific regulations of use in line with South Lanarkshire Council Social Networking and Social Media Strategy Operating Procedure A34. The school and nursery requests receipt of a signed copy of St. Joseph’s Primary School and Nursery Class ICT and E-Communications User Agreement before access will be permitted to any privately secured e-communication resources.

Operating Procedures for Access to the St. Joseph’s Primary School and Nursery Class Website

The St. Joseph’s Primary School and Nursery website enables public access on URL htttp://www.st-josephs-pri.s-lanark.sch.uk. The website is designed to provide current information relevant to the school and nursery. Photos published on the school website must not be copied for personal use or shared on any personal social media accounts or communication Apps. The school and nursery reserve the copyright of these photos to ensure protection for all pupils and staff. It is essential that all parents and carers complete the ‘Photographic Correspondence’ at the beginning of each school year, if you do not wish your child’s photograph to be included on the website.

Operating Procedures for E-mail Notification

St. Joseph’s Primary School and Nursery aim to provide parents and carers with the option to select to receive school communication including personal letters, class letters, school newsletters by email. Any specific letters which require to be signed will continue to be forwarded by paper copy to enable signing. If you wish to participate in this pilot please provide an email for communication on the relevant letter which will be forwarded to parents at specific time periods in the school year. If an e-mail address changes prior to the renewal date, it is the responsibility of each individual parent or carer to notify the school of this change in writing with date attached.

Operating Procedures for Access and Use of Parent Mail

St. Joseph’s Primary School and Nursery parents are afforded the opportunity to receive urgent or specific categories of mail messages by phone SMS mail. Parent Mail will be used as a one way mode of communication only. The school will not respond to any reply messages. Use of Parent Mail is subject to completion of parent/carer contact and data information requirements and requires signatory of ‘Parent Mail User Agreement’. It is the parent / carers responsibility to notify the school of any changes to mobile contact number in writing with date attached.

Operating Procedures for Access and Use of Twitter

St. Joseph’s Primary School and Nursery Class will pilot the use of a private access Twitter Account for e-communication within school session 2017-2018. Confirmation of the official school Twitter Account will be provided to parents. Continuation of the Twitter Account is subject to continuous review and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the Head Teacher. Only current parents and carers of the school will be permitted to follow the Twitter Account. Followers will be required to be approved by the Head Teacher or Depute Head Teacher. No pupils, former pupils or extended family members will be permitted to follow the school account. To protect the security of school information, only school staff will be permitted to Tweet on the school Twitter newsfeed. The school Twitter Account is designed as a one way process of communication only. The school will not reply to any comments made by individuals. Any followers making comments on the school Twitter site which are deemed by the Head Teacher to be inappropriate or not the best interests of the school, pupils or staff, will be removed as a follower by the administrator and the comment removed. School Tweets must not be shared between personal accounts to secure sensitive information. The school reserves the right to decline access to any parents / carers using Twitter Handles or Twitter Profile photos which Senior Management staff deem not to be appropriate for the purposes of a school communication tool. Parents/ Carers wishing to participate in the Twitter pilot must provide details on the name of your Twitter Handle and sign the conditions of limited use outlined by this summary of the school policy on E-Communication 2017.

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